Hangzhou Tian Yuan Tower was built in accordance with five-star standard. It is a part of Hangzhou branch, China chess center, and affiliated to Hangzhou Tourism Group Co., Ltd, under Hangzhou municipal government. Hangzhou Tian Yuan Tower is a subject styled hotel characterized by chess culture. It mainly accommodates home and abroad conferences, chess matches, medium to top grade tourist group and businessmen. It is a five-star hotel with the competition advantages of differentiation, individualization and humanity.

Hangzhou Tian Yuan Tower is 145 meters high and of 37 floors with the building area of 60,000 square meters. The total number of the rooms and suites are over 300 and there are business floors, conference floor and team floors. There are three dining halls: The large Banquet Hall, small Deluxe hall, and the Chinese restaurant, named “Qiantang Bay fishing village”. The Chinese restaurant, on the third floor, features as the river food and Hangzhou cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine and Guangdong cuisine. The western restaurant, on the 34th floor, is featured as western food, teahouse, and snacks.

The door ladies are of Tian Yuan Characteristic, and the receptionists at the front desk can provide service in three foreign languages ( English, Japanese and Korean), and so as the phone operator.You can enjoy timely check-in and check-out service, along with airport pick up service for free.

Tian Yuan Tower Hotel is located on 2-6 Qian Chao Road Qianjiang New City, Jiang Gan District. It lies to the west of Qiantang River and the terminal of Jinghang Grand Canal is in the north. It is 4.5 kilometers away from the center of the city and the West Lake. The distances to the Hangzhou railway station and Xiao Shan International Airport are 4 kilometers and 18 kilometers.